My Gear

Here is a list of all the gear I use to go fast as a Professional Triathlete and the gear I suggest to the athletes I coach. These are must haves for any beginner triathlete. I've also included some MUST READ books at the end to help you become a better athlete.

Book Highlight: REBOUND

If you are in sport long enough, you are going to get injured. It's much better to prepare yourself with the mental skills needed to deal with injury BEFORE an injury occurs so that you have the tools to deal with the injury AFTER it happens. This is a great book to give to your kids to prepare them for athletic life ahead!

Rebound (#ad)


A smart watch and bike computer are vital to collecting all the important data that you need to train like a pro. I've used all of these and love them.
Garmin Fenix  (#ad)         Garmin 735XT (#ad)
Garmin 935XT (#ad)       Garmin 235 (#ad)
Garmin Edge 520 (#ad)  Headphones (#ad)
Garmin Edge 1030 (#ad) Wahoo Element (#ad)

Swim Gear

All this equipment is important to becoming a better, faster, or safer swimmer. Swim paddles are fantastic for building up your shoulder strength and helping you work on your technique. The tempo trainer helps you work at different turnover rates to find the best one for you. The Roka Swim Skin will help decrease drag in non-wetsuit races and the swim buoy will show boaters that you are swimming in the open water. 
 Large Paddles (#ad)        Finger Paddles (#ad)

Tempo Trainer (#ad)         Swim Fins (#ad)

Goggles (#ad)                   Roka Swim Skin (#ad)

Pull Bouy (#ad)         Open Water Buoy (#ad)
Kick Board  (#ad)               Swim Bag  (#ad)   
Earplugs (#ad)            Nose Plug (#ad)
Snorkel (#ad)             Swim Band (#ad)
Stretch Cord (#ad)      Swim Tether (#ad)
Forearm Fulcrum (#ad)   TYR Jamer (#ad)

Bike Gear

This bike gear will help you get through your training without a hitch. The Giro Aero helmet will keep your head safe while cutting down drastically on wind resistance during races while the Gatorskin Tires are excellent to preventing flat tires during training. You always need a tool kit so that you can tighten your bolts or adjust your seat height from time to time. 

Giro Helmet (#ad)                Tool Kit (#ad)
Race Tires (#ad)          Training Tires (#ad)
Peddle Wrench (#ad)     Flat Adapter/C02 (#ad)
C02 for Flats (#ad)      Bike Tubes (#ad)
Cycling Gloves (#ad) Cycling Gloves (#ad)
Ultegra Pedals (#ad) Dura-Ace Pedals (#ad)
 Clips (#ad)

Run Gear

You need a good set of running shoes to help you get through your training runs. I use the Adizero Adios Boston Boosts, but you need to find the best shoe that works for you and your body. The lock laces are important for transitioning fast. I'm a huge fan of the flexibility in the Asics men's running tights. 
Running Shoes (#ad)            Lock Laces (#ad)
Running Tights (#ad)        Winter Run Hat (#ad)
Race Belt (#ad)        Gloves (#ad)
Compression Socks (#ad) Women Compression Socks (#ad)
Iphone Run Arm Band (#ad) Plantar Fasciitis Sock (#ad)
Sun Glasses (#ad) Sun Glasses (#ad)


These are the basic nutrition products that I use on a regular basis. Osmo Pre-Load is fantastic for preventing cramps the day before a big event or a hot workout. Gatorade Endurance is on the race course, so you must train your stomach for it. And, you need fast acting carbs! I love the Expresso Gu shots, they will get you through any low period in your training day! 

Osmo Pre-Load (#ad)         G-aid Endurance (#ad)
Expresso Shot (#ad)      Cliff Bar  (#ad)
Gu Gel Honey (#ad)   Stinger Waffles (#ad)
Gu Gel (#ad)            SIS Gel (#ad)
SIS Gel (#ad)            Popcorn (#ad)
Whey Protein (#ad)       Vega Protein (#ad)

Health and Body

You gotta have body glide to stay comfortable out there on the road. Triathlon is hard enough, you don't need chafing to make it feel harder! It's also important to have a bottle cleaner to clean your water bottles and Simple Green to wipe down your bike. 

Body Glide (#ad)    Body Glide (#ad)
Sunscreen (#ad)        Sunscreen (#ad)

Strength and Recovery

Yoga Matt (#ad)       Fitness Bands (#ad)

Kitchen Essentials

As a triathlete, I am cooking A LOT of food. Here are the tools I am using weekly to make the highest quality food possible.

Imersion Blender (#ad)  French Press (#ad)

Household and Cleaning Supplies

As triathletes, our stuff gets really dirty and you are going to need something to help you clean up. Simple Green is the golden standard to help you clean your bike while Soap Suds is the absolute best laundry detergent for sports cloths!

Water Bottle Brush (#ad) Cleaning Wipes (#ad)
Zip Lock Bags (#ad)     Simple Green (#ad)
Sports Detergent (#ad)

Important Books

These are some of the most influential books I've read on endurance sports and triathlon. You can get inspired with a book like Endure and you can get the knowledge you need to train properly with a book like Fast After 50. I highly recommend all of them! 

Endure (#ad)            Training Bible (#ad)
Once a Runner (#ad)  The Science of Running (#ad)
Rebound (#ad)    On Top of Your Game (#ad)

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