Complete Human Performance Sponsored Training Update

I have had some ups and downs this month with my training. All winter I piled up the swim and run miles, basically doubling, and in some cases tripling, the volume that I’ve done before. Based on some workout “tests," I made some really good aerobic and strength gains in these areas and I’m happy with where I’m currently at prior to my first 70.3 race next month in Chattanooga.

My winter block of training culminated in a really great training camp with Endurance Corner. Although I was an assistant coach, I still clocked roughly 29 hours over the course of 7 days. Prior to camp, I found myself with a low grade cold which most likely came from the flight down to AZ. I was able to train through it, but wasn’t feeling 100%. When I returned to CT, I realized that I needed a solid couple of weeks of rest. Usually I only take about one week of a spring “break” but this year I was still feeling a little run down and demotivated going into the second week post camp. I ended up taking about two weeks training on the low end of my aerobic endurance which allowed me to overcome my cold. I am feeling much better now and have had a real upswing in my training over the last 10 days. It helps that the weather has improved in the north east and I’m finally getting to spend some more time building my speed!

I thought I would log some of the notable things I've done in the past month…

Hardest workout:
6 mile TT up Mission Rd in Tucson. I have not put that sort of effort up for a while and ended up misjudging the effort and coming up about 2-3 minutes short. I pushed my way through those last minutes anyway and ended up throwing up my breakfast! But… I did not get passed by Ironman Champ Justin Daerr, he didn't know we were racing…but in my mind we were racing.

Heaviest Volume Week
29 hours

Lightest Volume Week
13 hours

Longest Ride
Kitt Peak- 114 miles  

Longest Run
20 miles 

Longest Swim

Favorite Workout
5:30 Brick as…
4 hour ride including two rounds of (6x4 minutes (1:30) at OD race pace + 5 minutes easy + 40 minutes at IM-HIM race pace effort + 10 minutes easy)
Fast transition to 1:30 run as (20 minutes easy + 10x3 (1) minutes at 10k race pace effort + 5 minutes easy + 15 minutes at HIM race pace effort + 10 minutes easy cool down

Most Calories Burned In One Day
7,000 calories for workouts + 3,000 calories to live = 10,000 calories

This Month’s Netflix Binges
The People VS. OJ Simpson, Rectify, That 70’s Show

Books Read/Am reading
Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris, 1776 by David McCullough, The Hybrid Athlete by Alex Viada

Favorite Beer this Month
Left Hand’s Milk Stout- need to get my last Stouts in before the Spring Beer Season gets rolling!

Thanks to the Linder Family for allowing me to stay at their house while in Pheonix! They went above and beyond and I felt part of the family! 

JJ, Nina, Luke, and Kara Linder. Each one has done a triathlon. Currently, Luke and Kara are World Class Junior Fencers. 

Kara Linder Kicking Ass! I didn't make it to a competition, but Luke and Kara helped me learn a few steps during my stay. 

I love elite performance in all sports. I love watching other athletes crush it!

Run with Jon Fecik Coached Jennifer Landsdowne at camp.

Happy after finishing a very steep climb. 

Most important session of the day... Katy Perry's Music Video Review...Verdict...Good Form...

Loved swimming in this pool!

Wake up, smile, workout, eat, sleep, repeat.

The Views in Tucson are extraordinary.

Ironman Pro Lisa Roberts, left, and my Coach Marilyn Chychota, right. 

Waiting for that next interval...and the next...

Best part of the swim sessions...chatting...

Run up to a great view!

Promising young pro Laura Mathews getting stronger.

IM Winner Justin Daerr (laying in blue) is already tired...and we haven't done Lemon yet!

Fun up Lemon. It took about 2 hours to ascend this time.

Outdoor pool, under water action!

Bringing the Branford Road Race to AZ!

Another beautiful view captured by Jeff Fejfar

Dive start gunning for a 50PR!

Ironman Champ and Coach Marilyn reminiscing about the time she would allow herself to eat more than one donut hole. 

Walter McCormack pulled me up Lemon like a Mack Truck! 

Final ride with some new friends.

Rolling around the CT Salt Marshes and feeling better post camp!

Almost time to swim around the island!

Thanks to Endurance Corner for having me on as an assistant coach. Thanks to Jeff Fejfer for so many great camp photo's. 

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