Congrats to Amy Margolis on a PR in her 50k this weekend. She's on her way to a 50 mile race and the big dance at Ironman Kona! How does she do it? She trains consistently, she is open to new training approaches, she lifts for strength, and she shows her mental toughness on every one of her workouts! Way to go Amy!

Congrats to Tom Burland who had a great 4 mile race in NYC! Despite some challenges in race week, he still squeezed out one of his best 4 milers yet! 

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Training Update

I always think it's cool to see what sort of training Pro athletes are doing. This is just to give you an idea of what a pro athlete's week might look like. My average weekly load is around 15-23 hours which is probably the average to the lower end for a Pro triathlete. My training is swim heavy right now because I'm trying to improve my muscular endurance in the water. Most of my training comes from Coach Marilyn Chychota, but some of the swim workouts are from Yale Masters. 
Note: I would not ask just any athlete to handle this type of load. My training over the last 10 years has allowed me to do this. But... I think its cool to see what is possible.

2:45 minute ride:
Warm-up: 20min easy ;
- 5min, build to HR of 150 bpm ;
- 2min easy ;
- 4 x [30sec fast / 1min easy] ;
- 2min easy ;
- 4 x 15min HR 150-155, 80-90rpm, 5min easy between.
Cool down: easy
Power was around 280-300 watts for the efforts, easy stuff is around 100-150 watts.
45 minute run off the bike
Build each 15min
Start out nice and easy and each 15min build pace and effort. Last 15min should feel like relaxed steady work.
Descended from 8-6:30 pace
AM Run 1:30, HR 140, 8 minute pace
Mid-day Swim Set 1 hour
200warm up
8x 25 every 4th fast :30
6x 25 every 3rd fast :30
4 x 25 All fast :30
20x 50 paddles only :50
400 swim steady
4x 25 All fast :30
6x 25 every 3rd fast :30
8x 25 every 4th fast :30
400 pull steady
25's fast were around 13 and 50's I was coming in on :30
PM Run 30 minutes easy with 4x15 second pick ups
I descended from 12 minute pace to 8 minute pace over the course of the run.
40 minute run around 7 minute pace
25 minute circuit with weights
1:15 swim set by feel
12 x 25 Kick Dec 1-6 :45
1500m Buoy / Band/ Towel
1500m Snorkel, Fins, Paddles
1500 Swim Descending each 500m
12 x 25 kick fast with fins :30
100easy back
1:30 Ride including
 - 8 x 2min ;
- 60-65 rpm,
- Aero bars,
- HR 155-165
- 1min recovery.
- 5min easy ;
- 10x 1min power singles ;
- 53/11, stomp down and crank for each one.
- 1:30min recovery.
Power was 350 for the 2 minute efforts and 450 for the 1 minute efforts. All this felt pretty easy and my legs felt strong. 50-150 watts for the easy stuff.
Swim with Masters: 1:40 swim
8 x 100 Choice on 1:30- loose and easy
Kick 4 x 100 Choice on 2:10
Pull 400 Free - focus on technique, still head, good body roll to gain distance per stroke
Swim 8 x 25 Choice on 40 (odd 25s - Build; even 25s - Fast)
Swim 6 x 300 Free on 4:10 - Descend 1 to 5, Swim #6 loose & ez to recover
Swim 16 x 50 on 55, 1:05, 1:15
1-4 Choice not Free
5-8 Free
9-12 Choice
13-16 Free
On all reps, focus on strong underwater kick off walls
Finished with about 2000 pulling for a total of 6k
1 hour run
Jog to track (10min jog warm up)
Strides and drills- Butt kick, Side Side shuffle, High knees, Frankenstein walk.
Track: 10 x 200/200
Jog to cool down
200's done at 5-5:20 minute mile pace
3 hour aerobic ride, watt average about 190.
3 mile run off the bike

1:15 treadmill set
including rounds of 2 minutes at 2%, 2 minutes at 4%, 1 minute at 6% all at 7:15 mile pace.
Swim with Masters: 1:40 swim
Swim 600 Free
Swim 8 x 50 (2 x around the IM) on 50
Swim 6 x 25 Free on 30 building each 25
(100 Free on 2:00 - focus on great technique first time thru, descend to 95% on 4th time through
4 x (200 Kick on 4:10 - strong effort
(300 Pull on 4:50 - focus on technique each time, allowing legs to recover from kick and preparing for next 100 Free
Swim 1 x 100 Free all out [following 4th 300 pull] on 2:00
Swim EZ 100 Recovery on 3:00
Swim 12 x 25 Choice on 30 - odds: technique, evens: FAST
Swim EZ 150 Recovery
Swim EZ 150 Recovery
1500 paddle pull descend set from 1:15-1:10 pace at the end for a total of 6k
25 minute lift circuit
Easy swim with Masters, 1:20, legs day off

Swim 15 minutes loose and ez
Kick 5 x 150 Choice on 3:10
8 x 100 Choice on 1:30 - Go 50 Choice Drill/50 Swim focused on technique
3 x (4 x 50 Free on 40  then EZ 150 Swim on 3:00) 
3 x (4 x 25 Choice on 30 (40) then EZ 150 Swim on 3:00
Swim down
4.5k total

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