Dynamic Run Drills

Here are a few dynamic drills that I encourage athletes that I coach to do. I suggest doing these before, during, or after long travel days and before, during, or after a workout. I find that they have a whole slue of benefits which include...

#1 Warming-up the mind
#2 Warming-up the body
#3 Increasing proprioceptive awareness (your place in space)
#4 Improving coordination skills 
#5 Stretching out the body

Key points:
#1 Loosen up
#2 Stay light on the balls of your feet
#3 Relax your upper body
#4 Keep everything in control
#5 Don't force anything
#6 Start slow and build your speed as you warm up
#6 Don't judge yourself or your form, just do what you can do, you will improve over time

You can always add different drills or do variations of these drills. I usually do these for roughly 5 minutes depending on how my body feels, what type of work I'm preparing for, or what type of work I'm recovering from.

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