We Need Your Help!

Can you imagine having to manually pump your own heart to stay alive? You would have to pump it day or night or you would die. At first it would be easy and simple. All you have to do is pump. After a while, however, it would drain you. Your entire day would revolve around pumping your heart. You would have to pump it while you brush your teeth, drive to the store, ride your bike, or hang out with your friends. It never stops. The minute you forget to pump, you die.
We all take our highly functioning organs for granted, but my good friend, Grant Curry cannot. Grant has lived with type one diabetes for 40 years. That means that, for the last 40 years, Grant has had to act as his own pancreas. He has consciously managed his blood sugars with food and artificial insulin for 40 years because his pancreas stopped working when he was 8 years old. Even when he hangs out with friends or rides his bike, he needs to have his diabetes management on the back of his mind or he could become very sick within a few hours and die.

I met Grant at the Diabetes Training Camp three years ago and he is one of the most inspiring individuals I have ever met. You need crazy endurance to be able to live with diabetes for that long. I respect him for his strength and stamina.

The Diabetes Training Camp changed Grant's life. Diabetics have special mental, medical, and physical needs and camp provides individuals like Grant to learn to live, thrive, and exercise with diabetes. This year, Grant is raising money to celebrate living with Diabetes for 40 years by riding 400 miles with 40,000ft in elevation while attempting to raise $40,000 to help the Diabetes Training Camp Foundation. The foundation creates scholarships for diabetics to go to camp and learn how to live with their disease at little or no cost. Check out his website below and consider joining me in donating a few dollars to this important cause.