Struggling Through

I raced Puerto Rico 70.3 this past weekend and it was a brutally tough race. It reached over 90 degrees and the hills just kept coming. There were times when I was really struggling. When I do, my form breaks down and my hands go all over the place. I found my hand hitting the Diabetes Training Camp logo on my kit and I was instantly reminded of their stories of struggle. Talk about struggle, people living with Type I diabetes have to endure an entire lifetime trying to manage their own blood sugars while also trying to live their lives. Life is hard enough without diabetes.
Diabetics don't have the option to give up if they want to keep living. I used that as my inspiration and although it wasn't my fastest race, I ran all the way to the end. The diabetics I've met at the Diabetes Training Camp inspire me to be a better athlete and person. We have a lot to learn from people living with diabetes, people living with other chronic diseases, and people living with disabilities. I am so lucky to be a part of the DTC community!